What is Webstarlive Refferal system and how does it work?

Quite simply our refferal system offers our members the opportunity to go into business with and earn a commission percentage for every new subscribing member they bring to the site by sharing their own unique website refferal links. This enables you to earn 20% - 40% commission on fees from new members that may join and subscribe via your link. Through your webstarlive account you can track all new members gained, follow their member status and collect all monies earned. Completely done automatically and securely using To get stated just upgrade to the desired membership package here
Platinum member =25% commission

How do I set up my PayPal to recieve payments from

1. You must have a business PayPal account, if you dont please log on to and create one.
2. In Webstarlive account go to Payment details
3. Select PayPal tab
4. Select "active"
5. Input your business email
6. Input paypal identity token (go to your Business PayPal account to retrieve this).
7. Hit save.


How do I get my music played on Webstarlive radio?

All webstarlive members can be considered for radio play, simply email your tracks to and if it passes we'll play it.