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Tamara Bubble - I'm You (Explicit)
Official music video of @TamaraBubble performing "I'm You" | DOWNLOAD single on or iTunes (LYRICS BELOW)-------------------Comment your R.I.P. shout outs to someone who lost their life at the hands of a nasty stereotype. i.e. Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin.-------------------Dear Society, Shame on us for allowing stereotypes to keep us divided when we all know that mass media has a way of making the innocent appear guilty bc of their race or religion. SPECIAL THANKS to all involved in helping me make this record & video what it truly is ... ~ Tamara-------------------I'm You ~ Written by @TamaraBubbleVERSEI’m a thugIs that what you think I am?ThugIs that cuz you think you’re not?Nigger or NiggasIt’s all the same When the trigger You’re pullingIs a heart filled with hatePRE CHORUSYour people kill people tooYou know stereotypesAlways backbite cuzI’m youAnd we both do the same thingsYeah we cry and we screamWhen we’re angry we’re meanThen we’re sorryBut I’m not judgingCHORUSI’m you | I’m youVERSE I am a terroristIs that what you think I am?TerroristIs that cuz you think you’re not?A suicide bomber Like you don’t harm eitherGenocide, HomicideWhy takes sides?PRE CHORUSCHORUSBRIDGEWe laugh and we cryAnd we live and we die As a peopleWhen we stereotype Then we kill what we build As a peopleWhen you point your fingerThen three point backPRE CHORUSCHORUS
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31.10.2014 (1175 days ago)
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Tamara Bubble - I'm You (Explicit)